Saturday, 30 January 2010

stripes: a confession

At the moment it's all about stripes - I see them everywhere....

Now this could be because I'm currently making the Wentworth Cardigan  from Rowan 46. Stripes, glorious stripes and yes, I have changed some of the colours and also I have to confess that I'm messing about with the shaping.

As ever Rowan patterns are written for a flat construction and how nuts is that in this case? How many stripes have you got to match when sewing up? How many ends to weave in? The answer I think is to channel Elizabeth Zimmermann and attempt to knit all in one. No seams - hurrah! I have to confess that I have a maths phobia but I'm even more scared of steeking so I am prepared to tackle the maths bit but this time leave the steeking thing well alone. So I've cast on the fronts and back all together and am happily knitting back and forth. Baby steps eh? 

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