Tuesday, 7 December 2010

make, do and mend

Making is something that I do, but not as much as I could or as much is good for my soul. Recently I've been relying on the designs of other rather than firing up my own creativity which in its own way has become frustrating. However today I started making a bean bag for us because I couldn't find anything I liked. If you're snuggling with your kids on a bean bag you've all got to fit on it, right? So I found some courage (since my babies my creativity has been snoozing) made my pattern,  hunted down some old kingsize duvet covers and got stuck in. The result is a bit of 70s soft furnishing nostalgia which we've all been wallowing in.

As I sat sewing I had time to think. I'd forgotten how meditative making is. I realised that making was the answer, how that old war-time adage make, do and mend was apt for me right now, how I should do this more often and how I was going to make this the start of my handmade year.

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