Wednesday, 26 October 2011

blowing away cobwebs

The first gale of the season. The sea boils with foam, the wind whistles and the gulls scream. Spray coats everything with saltiness. The energy of this storm is reviving.

Jess and Jago collect handfuls of treasure - gull feathers, driftwood and pebbles.

Once home, our ears still ring with the roar of the Atlantic. As I light the fire, outside the storm brings slanted heavy rain. We pull blankets around us and feel at peace.


  1. Love it dear emma,
    you've captured the mood so beautiful with your photos and words.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring,
    xxx Sas

  2. Growing up close to the Atlantic coast I remember the rushing Autumn winds messing my hair. The taste of the drops of salty waters of those rushing waves.

    Thank you for taking me back emma :-)

  3. Thank you both - you're so kind. I'm at the beach so much at the moment. I feels it centres me - that and it's an excuse for another picnic..... xxxx


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