Wednesday, 19 October 2011

reasons to be cheerful

At this moment in time, when everything seems just a little bit overwhelming and I'm doing my best to breathe, be centred and be calm.

I find myself.....
  • smiling at good memories
  • listening to music that helps me to remember the little things
  • laughing because Jago is convinced that if he wears his sun-hat it will stop being cold and rainy - I love an optimist!
  • marveling at the beauty of the first frost
  • lighting the wood stove for the first time this season and loving it
  • knitting by the fire 
  • thinking in clay (it's been a while)
  • watching Jess, who is convinced she can cure all ills with a wave of her wand (and secretly wanting that wand, I'm sure she'll share) 


  1. The hearts of little ones often show us the way. Nothing a sun had and a magic couldn't handle right?
    Clay thinking sounds intriguing, I'd love to see it, emma :-)

  2. I just loved this post....pure and moving...thank you emma.....xxxx

  3. Lovely, lovely photography here. You've created a beautiful place to share.


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