Wednesday, 9 November 2011

feeling the fear

I'm working on my overwhelming feelings of fear. A few weeks ago I would have succumbed to the continuous waves of worry, now, with the guidance of these books I find myself accepting this emotion, giving it a name and living with it. Before I would have magnified it with my despair and felt myself helplessly drowning.

By standing still and accepting I find myself better able to cope.


  1. Such a moving and honest post today emma and with such beautiful matching photos!

    I recognize myself in every line you have written and I know that feeling of despair too. And just like you I felt that motivating and stimulating turning point from the moment I placed my fears in the light and faced them instead of hiding them in the darkness.

    Thank you so much for sharing and a big hug from a kindred spirit from Holland, xxx!

  2. Feel the fear and embracing it is part of the journey...Deep breath...Beautifully written emma and thank you for the link. hugs from Vancouver


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