Tuesday, 27 December 2011

christmas memories

Our Christmas time this year has been subdued and simple this year but no less lovely. Everything we did had a large dad shaped hole in it but we surrounded ourselves with memories and laughter. Music can be heard from all over as Jess plays her new ukulele, Jago sings Christmas songs to himself and I - delighted with my new toy - try my hardest to play the guitar. (I'm determined to be able to play 'Here Comes the Sun' by next winter solstice.....)


  1. I love the color! My husband was a bit sad there was no guitar waiting for him under the tree. He's been wanting to learn too- but refuses to use mine because "Every man needs his own guitar." .....I sold his cheap one in a garage sale for vacation money right after we got married. Oops!

    I'm holding you to it. Next Winter Solstice I want a youtube video of "Here Comes the Sun." :)

  2. that's Jessie's ukulele! though my guitar is blue too. Awww, your poor husband... maybe next year?!? not sure about the youtube thing but I have whole year to practise..... :)


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