Wednesday, 7 December 2011


....finds me

  • finishing off a sheep costume for the school nativity - when the girl in question desperately wanted to be an angel... (a donkey last year - a sheep is obviously a promotion?)
  • listening to carol singing all over the house
  • bringing in more firewood
  • marvelling at that big cold moon in a cloudless sky
  • being mindful of that these days seem to be speeding up - when I really want them to slow down so I can savour every moment...
  • listening to the blackbirds as they feast on the last of the holly berries
  • basking in every precious minute of sunlight - the solstice is not far away

how are you spending your days?


  1. Still running too fast and wanting to slow down and savour the last few weeks of this year :-)

  2. our weeks before the solstice keeps getting colder and colder, so I'm glad you have all that firewood to keep warm! And really, sheep are the angels of the animal kingdom- all that fluffy whiteness!

  3. This is a beautiful reflection! I'm also feeling the same about the desire for time to just slow. down. already! This season is so fleeting, and slowing down to savor it is truly what makes it so special.


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