Monday, 9 January 2012

after the storm

Another stormy day. Trees are flailing around in the powerful gusts. Jago shouts 'hold on to your hats' and wears his favourite one all day (even though we're inside.)

 Jess, eyes fixed on the horizon, watches for Mary Poppins. All around the house I can hear them sing 'Lets Go Fly a Kite', and by lunchtime I'm humming it too.

Outside my twisted willow - the tree through which I watch the sunrise - lies fallen. It will grow anew in the spring but for now I bring in a branch to remind myself.


  1. Oh, such a lovely post dear emma.

    We have exactly the same willow in our garden. I just love that tree. She has had some troubles too during the last storm here, but willows grow very fast luckily!

    xxxx from Holland

    your home looks so warm and lovely!

  2. Hey Sas! nice to hear from you... I love willow trees - so peaceful... xxx

  3. gorgeous. There is something so warm and hopeful that willow branches bring.


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