Monday, 23 January 2012

this is the time....

.... for enjoying the daylight lengthening minute by minute

.... for being outside being blown along by another stormy day

.... for watching Jess and her new love (ballet)

.... for puddle splooshing with Jago - I love moving at toddler speed and splooshing is a real word...

.... for toasting (english) muffins on the fire, smothering them with soft butter and opening them with
     a jar of last summers strawberry jam - instant sunshine

.... for rediscovering books I loved as a child and now sharing them with Jess, Ballet Shoes the
     current favourite. See a theme developing here?


  1. And what a beautiful time it is emma :-)

  2. and a gorgeous theme it is!

    by the way....stunning photo. Absolutely. And I know I say that a lot- but sincerely, I love it. At first glance I thought it was a painting.

    canvas print worthy, for the living room. :)


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