Wednesday, 29 February 2012

making it, mending it

I'm not sure if it's just me being clumsy but there's an awful lot of things breaking around here. So, in the spirit of make do and mend I have:
  • just glued my kitchen bin back together. (I feel stupidly proud)
  • hunted around charity (thrift) shops for 'new' white cotton pillow cases after I couldn't repair my last ones any more. RIP old pillow cases - you have a new life in my duster basket (not that I dust much / at all ever)
  • got a mending basket which is bulging with things to mend. I reckon it stares at me as I walk around the room...
  • learned to darn my favourite gloves. A good friend found them for me - saying 'I knew these would fit you, they have freakishy long fingers too.' I've never had a pair of shop bought gloves that have fitted. So these stripey guys need preserving and will now live to see another winter.
Oh, happy February 29th too! 


  1. I copped out recently and let my Mother's partner darm my daughters cardigan. Bad and lazy Mummy!

  2. Not lazy - delegating beautifully! My other half pointed out my gloves were more darn than glove and asked when was I going to give in and throw them out...

  3. I am impressed - i wouldn't know where to start with darning anything! I love your blog header.


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