Wednesday, 1 February 2012

these days...

  • rising early to light the fire before the rest of the house awakes
  • darning holes in favourite gloves - make do and mend, right?
  • Jago shouting "Nom, Nom, Nom" as he catches snow flakes on his tongue
  • admiring Jess as she dances (even in her wellies)
  • loving this cold snap - it's the novelty I think...
 Hello February!


  1. Hello February indeed :-)

    I love this expression "to warm the cockles"

    Wishing you a very nice rest of the month. Hugs to you emma

  2. 'warm the cockles'....I'm going to try to use that at least once today in context. :)
    and I spy green! Love it.
    xo, laura emily


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