Saturday, 2 June 2012

home again

It's wonderful to go away but also wonderful to be home again - you know, it's the little things. My own bed, toast and marmite, proper extra mature cheddar, marmalade.... I could go on ;)

The biggest change was the fact that the entire nation (well the bit I saw between nodding off in the taxi) from Heathrow to home was covered in Union Flags (yes, dad, I did remember) So having slept a lot, made some pots and packed the kiln, I dug out my grandmothers bunting from 1953. Who knew it would come in use 60 years later? Tomorrow is our village street party. The marquee is outside the village pub already - so they tell me... The forecast could be better but I bet it's going to be perfectly splendid what ever the weather...

So, where did we go?

Nova Scotia.... just perfect....


  1. Welcome home! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Nova Scotia, Wow! I have always wanted to go there. Lovely lighthouse photo. I know what you mean about the marmite, cheddar etc - I always want proper, strong builder's tea after time abroad. Hope you had fun, good to have you back! x


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