Thursday, 7 June 2012

a little light holiday knitting

I know I should be going on about the wonderful Nova Scotia - but can I first go on about some wonderful yarn I got once I got there? Last time I was in Canada (which makes me sound like I go there all the time - I don't. Honest.) I picked up some beautiful yarn by Fleece Artist - hard to source in the UK but not impossible. This time before I went I researched some yarn stores and decided that Baadeck Yarns was the place to go. My, what store! I restrained myself from buying too much but I did treat myself to some malabrigo to knit a little something while I was away. In fact I sent most of my spare time  - at the beach, in the (huge!) hire car - knitting. It's finished now - just waiting to be blocked. I'll show you it in all it's glory once it's looking very beautiful...

Now, to start my next knitting project with yarn from my stash...


  1. Beautiful colours - looking forward to the reveal. x

  2. That yarn is so gorgeous. I love that you researched yarn shops before going on holiday, that's brilliant! Looking forward to seeing what it is.

  3. Oh, I LOVE's like yarn crack...can't get enough of it and the colors are amazing!!

  4. I am quite tragic when it come to yarn. I think my stash is insulating the house in it's own quiet way....


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