Monday, 18 June 2012

now we are 3

Oh my, is it really 3 years since Jago came into our lives? In those three trips around the sun I have learned more about cars, trucks, tractors etc etc than I ever thought possible, I have learned how anything can be solved with a smile, how it is possible to sleep in your wellies because you love them that much and how he is convinced he is part lobster. Happy Birthday Jago!


  1. Happy Birthday Jago!!! Trust me Emma, you are going to learn a lot more...stuff I had no clue about :) Enjoy the ride, it's great fun raising boys!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jago! That cake is FANTASTIC! We have a lot of digger love in this house too. But no sleeping in wellies (yet). x

  3. Oh, sweetness!! Happy birthday, Jago! (and to you as well, Emma :)

  4. Oh what a cute talented!! Happy Birthday Jago!


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