Tuesday, 23 October 2012

making me happy

  • family music - some say cacophony...
  • snatched moments in my studio listening to Radio 4 and the rain on the roof before being pulled back to reality...
  • Saturday evenings with Inspector Montalbano on BBC4 - only 2 weeks left. I'm hoping that BBC4 have something brilliant to replace it with.
  • Leaf hunting - such beautiful colours.
  • trips to our mobile library - a bus full of books turns up once a month, what's not to love?
  • the last of the blackberries.
  • making halloween costumes... vampire pumpkin anyone?

What's making you happy right now?


  1. Hearing my son sing while he's cleaning the dinner dishes....I don't know which is making me happiest - his singing or that he's doing the dishes.

  2. I can see your dilemma! I'd love anyone else to do the dishes rather than me...

  3. What's making me happy at this very moment is the sound of my daughter's car coming down the driveway. I hate when she is out at night when there are so many deer acting foolish on the highways!

    1. I'm so glad mine are too young to drive yet.... Foolish deer here too...

  4. Lovely list - the family music sounds fun!

    Watching the colours of the trees change makes me stupidly happy, as does Strictly Come Dancing, and knowing that the kids break up for half term tomorrow because we are all so tired and ready for a rest!

    I saw a trailer for that Inspector Montalbano programme and thought it looked like my sort of thing - happy to hear your liked it. I'll have to see if it's still on i-player. x

  5. My daughter LOVES Strictly...Bless her, I've been caught up in it too - pretty dresses....

    Inspector M is fab. I wasn't quite sure after loving all the scandi-drama they've had on but am totally sold on italian sunshine and happiness. Be warned - you have to speed read the subtitles!


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