Wednesday, 10 October 2012


{warning - a ceramics post follows.... (it should really be on my grown up blog - hmmm... maybe I should cross post?)}

 One of my favourite colours is purple. I have far too many purple boots for example - though I would argue you can't have too many purple boots. At this time of year I see purple everywhere - in the hedgerows, on waste land, in the garden.

In ceramics making a purple at high temperatures is a bit tricky so for a while I've had my chemistry hat on. (Chemistry is fun when you are melting pretty stuff)

Now which purple / indigo / inky blue is prettier? Maybe I just make pieces in all of those colours? Maybe it's like owning the same pair of shoes in lots of colours?


  1. I'm with you- I'd make all the colors. They are lovely!

  2. I'd go with one in all colors...those are gorgeous!

  3. I like your "grown up" blog! Now, I am not normally a fan of purple as I think of the super-bright, royal shade, but these muted, soft almost-aubergine shades are very gorgeous. I especially like the colour of the circle on the left, and the middle one in the bottom photo, if that makes any sense! x

    1. I thought I'd create a space where I should be more arty and less random / rambly!

  4. I think all three colours are beautiful and you should make the pieces you want to in all three :-)

    I am glad I could help, emma ;-)

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments - I'll go on to make bigger batches of all of those glazes (which is what I secretly hoped you'd say!)


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