Wednesday, 15 May 2013

adventures in dyeing ~ part one

While at Wonderwool I treated myself to some plain skeins of merino/tencel sock yarn... I have great plans for these little beauties...

I love my Brown-eyed Susan shawl so much - just in time for this seasonally unseasonal May weather (brrrr - nearly lit the wood burner last night but settled for more jumpers and a hot water bottle last night.)

The challenge I set myself was to dye the sock yarn into the purpley shades I love.

I started with KoolAid in grape and tropical fruit but the grape wasn't dark enough for me. So after a while I decided to over dye with some violet food colouring I had in the cupboard... Et voila! the purpley shade I was looking for.

So, three skeins ready to be knitted into another gorgeous Brown-eyed Susan - just the project for long summer road trips. Almost can't wait! Meanwhile the circles throw is growing bit by bit. (75 square circles down - 244 to go...)  Hurrah!


  1. Love those colors! I've been spinning some plain wool and hope to be doing some dying onions and Lichen! Can't wait!

    1. Sounds heavenly! I'm loving this new world spinning has opened up for me... Can't wait to see what you magic up! x

  2. So pretty. I bet it smelled heavenly!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous colours there.
    M x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous colours. I love how it looks just hanging there, ready to be knitted. We've had the heating on the last few evenings, it's so chilly! x


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