Sunday, 22 September 2013

indigo and shibori

Portland handspun, dyed with apple bark
from left to right...
  Apple dye twice dipped with indigo, elderberry dye once dipped with indigo. apple dye once dipped with indigo

Yesterday was spent with Annabel Wilson from Townhill Studio learning a bit about shibori and indigo dyeing. I say a bit because I'm pretty sure there is much much more to learn and understand. It's magical! I'm already thinking of ways I can use Shibori in my textile work. I have the urge to make some huge canvases. I haven't got any huge walls to put them on though. I live in a small cottage with not one straight wall (some of them are even curved...)


in other news - I've changed the name of my other blog, I'm finding it hard to describe myself as an artist, am I a ceramicist who works in textiles? A textile artist who pots? A visual artist? An applied artist? Any suggestions?

For the moment - until I get any bright ideas my other blog will be emmariley-visual artist...


  1. Everything is so gorgeous! I just finished a workshop on Lichen dying....very cool stuff. Thanks for the hat sweet lady! It means A LOT!!!

  2. oooh Lichen dyeing - that sounds wonderful - post some pics! x

  3. LOVE this stitched shibori piece ... my resist dyeing always seems to be on small pieces of cloth but I imagine working really large would be very rewarding. Looking forward to seeing what you do next with dyes :)

  4. Oh, these colours are just dreamy! They are soft but have so much depth at the same time. And that shibori - I've never come across that but it's very beautiful indeed. x


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