Monday, 12 March 2012

forgotten treasure

Wandering around a charity shop today (the best way to shop) I found these beauties, stuffed at the back of a shelf in a large plastic bag. There are about 200 of these hexagons made (hand sewn), one hand sewn together and all of them in beautiful vintage prints. On the back of one of them is the date, December 1968.  It made me start to think about who had started this all those years ago. Would she be pleased that someone was taking this project on 40 years or so later? It also made me think that most of these gems I find are the results of house clearances... I'm hoping I can do this quilt justice...


  1. Quite a sentimental project you are taking on emma. Good luck with it :-)

  2. Wow! What a find! Not only great fabric but someone has started it already. I won an old suitcase on ebay last week, and inside is a label with an address and the date 3 Sept 1939 - i love little pieces of history like that. Good luck with the quilt.

  3. Anyes: My mum and I are going to do this together. I think that makes it even more emotional!

    Gillian: Love a vintage suitcase especially one with a history. Just image what that suitcase has been through! Yeah, I know, I'm attributing human feelings to a suitcase. I'm sure there's a word for that. ;)

  4. What a find! The fact you will put it together will be doing it justice!


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