Wednesday, 14 March 2012

work & play

We have a rule about our weekends - one day of work around the house followed by one day of play... Otherwise we'd be out all the time and the house would be disgusting. As ever, when the forecast is good we headed to the beach armed with buckets, spades, hot chocolate, marshmallows and family. Bliss!

Jess and Jago made a sand village complete with driftwood and feather forests, seaweed streams, limpet shell houses and obligatory monster - see huge crab claw threatening driftwood bridge below for details.

Huge crab claw is now residing in the garden because I am a mean mama (and that is a direct quote) and didn't really want it in the house after the stinky dead periwinkle episode.

Everyone is still full of tales of that day, from the oldest to the youngest.  Days like these make memories.


  1. Great village! Perhaps you could send you little architects round here to sort my house out?!

  2. Now, I wonder why you wouldn't let Mr. giant crab's claw live in your house ;-)

    Those memories that are also made easier to revisit thanks to this blog.

  3. Oh you are so lucky to live by the coast...*sigh* Great photos - that crab claw is rather large!


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