Wednesday, 7 March 2012

spring cleaning

I don't normally submit to the urge to spring clean but this year Jago is leading the way. This afternoon he decided it was time his scooter had a scrub, and his cars were put away tidily(!) I feel I should join in at some point... perhaps.... Maybe when I've stopped looking through this and drooling...


  1. Tragically the first thought I had on seeing your pictures was 'oh look, an Ikea brush'! My life is oh so small these days! Glad to see you are starting them off young!

  2. I'm amazed he voluntarily cleans! I think it needs encouraging given his sister's room looks like a hurricane has breezed through...

  3. oh goodness, that is beyond adorable. He can come finish up my wheels if he'd like. They are caked with mud and dirt and scary wonderful things to scrub out.

    I'm getting ready for spring cleaning (in other words, writing a million to-do home projects list that I doubt I'll embark upon).

  4. Ah, bless him. If you'd like to send him over to clean the wheels on Angus's pushchair, that would be great!


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