Tuesday, 24 April 2012

:: making me happy ::

  • listening to the rain on the roof
  • making plans for the future
  • spending the day at a ceramics supply store (buying new clay!)
  • being inspired
  • sewing
  • watching my children running around in the rain with no coats (they said they were watering themselves and trying to grow)
  • puddle splooshing


  1. Making themselves grow? How lovely!

  2. That is the sweetest...they don't need to make themselves grow. It will happen all on it's own and way to quickly

  3. Making themselves grow, that is incredibly cute. It's so nice to hear someone is enjoying the rain. It's starting to drive me a bit mad! xx

  4. Perfect rainy photograph emma ;-)

    you captured the essence of a wet day and the children seem to be enjoying themselves too

  5. ok. the rain is driving mad now too. Can't it just rain over night?


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