Thursday, 26 April 2012

it's raining, it's pouring (again)

Oh yes! it's still raining (boring English person driveling on about the weather...) 

Today Jago and I went on a bear hunt, only today we were pirate dinosaurs (love those books) 

It's so wet out there that some of the fields are flooded. Our favourite walk was very squelchy underfoot which made for some splendidly noisy walking. Our favourite bridge for pooh sticks had become a weir and forced us to go home for hot chocolate and biscuits. Not that either of us were complaining.

Never found the bear though - maybe it's scared of pirate dinosaurs....?


  1. Pirate dinosaurs are fearsome creatures and definitely keep bears in hiding ;)

  2. Hot chocolate and biscuits after a squelchy walk! What a super sounding day!

  3. A lovely looking walk, and now I want a hot choc!

  4. We have resorted to hot chocolate after school to raise everyone's spirits. Love "Bear Hunt" - one of our favourite books.


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