Monday, 14 May 2012

time for lunch

It's snack plate season once more. Jago is doing that (almost) 3 year old thing  about being tricky at meal times. Trouble is there is so much to do other than eating, and what he wants to do is much more interesting. You know, tractors, fire engines, drawing, reading, mud pies, running around, Welly wanging, shouting 'run away' when anyone suggests coming to the table for a meal... 

So themed meals are the order of the day - the one above is a meal around the sun (though Jago said the sun needed ears so stuck his cucumber in his cream cheese) I make sure that everything is Jago sized, quick to eat and he helps too. So far we're winning but for how long.....?


  1. I don't miss that aspect of that age...they can be so amazingly head strong then. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. I know I shouldn't but I think it really cute that he yells "run away" when someone suggests coming to the table! I work with pre-schoolers and this age is so finicky! bUt so much fun too :) I hope you win your battles x :)

  3. Who knew a pre-schooler could channel Monty Python when so young? He'll be less head strong as he grows so it's fine!

  4. Angus yells "Not yet!!" when i say it's tea time. He is a really tricky eater. This is a very good idea!


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