Tuesday, 8 May 2012

favourite places...

 A long time ago I worked in Winchester - a beautiful city where I could quite happily live (there are not many cities on that list but Bath, Oslo and Vancouver are also contenders.)
 Whenever I get the chance to go back - which fortunately is often - I always try to go to the  cathedral.
 To marvel at the Sound II. The Crypt is flooded (no surprise at the moment) - it is overwhelming in its serenity.
 To say a silent hello to Jane - for all those novels that have made me smile.
To gaze at the modern sculptures that adorn the building.

Stupidly I left my proper camera at home. So I missed shots of Jago insisting on hugging every tree in the cathedral close - shame... but I will be back, for the Hat Fair


  1. I love Winchester Cathedral but I haven't been for years. Must go back for a visit x

  2. I love Winchester. We often used to go when I was a child and it's only now I realise how beautiful it is. Lovely little shops, delis, bakeries...not to mention Jane Austen's grave! x

  3. I too am a fan of Winchester. i quite fancy another visit actually!

  4. Beautiful place...maybe I'll get there one day


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