Friday, 14 September 2012

in progress...

I have a new love.

Ceramics you are my first love, nothing will ever change that but spinning is warm, fluffy and much more portable. Before Jess was born I bought a secondhand spinning wheel and had a few lessons. Then I found out I was pregnant and pregnancy and sheep and lambing time don't really mix -  I live in a rural area with lots of lovely sheep all around. So I gave up for a long time. My spinning wheel looked mournfully at me from the corner of the room. I felt a bit guilty...

This summer I was walking through Hay-on-Wye (as a stop off on our way to Snowdonia) when I found a shop with with a baskets of beautiful hand dyed merino and bamboo tops. A few of those bags came home with me and I dreamed of my wheel again, it was time...

By the time we got to our holiday cottage I was dreaming of the yarn I would make... The fates were smiling on me and in a local store I found a drop spindle and a copy of Respect The Spindle. I'm hooked. I go everywhere with a bag of fibre and a drop spindle (along with my knitting.) The house is covered with fluff, I answer the phone spindle in hand and get in a muddle as I realise that I can't write down notes and spin at the same time. My family just smile - and indulge me - bless them!

(More about what I'm spinning in a future post)


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    1. You're so kind! Thank you for visiting (and making me smile!)

  2. I haven't mastered the spindle yet. I do love my wheel though. I find the whole process very therapeutic don't you? Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm gradually relearning the wheel - I keep murmuring the mantra 'relax' as I try to treddle, draft and not freak out... I'm getting there. I'm planning on making myself a porcelain spindle...

  3. I have never tried to spin my own wool - but I love how you are embracing this new skill with such passion, I can't wait to see what you make. I never really mastered knitting properly so perhaps I should do that before I attempt spinning! x

  4. It's slightly addictive this spinning lark - I have a fleece in the bath and the house is full of fluff. I'm planning to dye fleece next! You are an amazing crocheter (is that a word?) I have crochet envy every time you show your work in progress!


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