Tuesday, 18 September 2012

making me happy....

*  morning mists

*  blackberrying

*  The children singing their own compositions (the ode to the xylophone 'The Plinketty, Plonketty 
    Thing' is my current fave)

*  exploring new glazes - I need to create the perfect purple...

* the smell of fresh bread

* spinning (I'm obsessed!)

* windfall marmalade  (we'd run out. hurrah for autumn!)

* starting the holiday knitting


  1. I like your list. I like the way the things that make you happy are the simple, everyday things. The mug in the first photo is amazing - is it one of yours? x

    1. I'm a great believer in the simple things being the best. The mug is one of mine but I confess it's not really my design. When I was first pregnant with Jess I treated myself to a ceramics course with Jack Doherty knowing it would be years before I would make again. It's my favourite yunomi - I have my coffee in it every day even though I know it's a japanese tea vessel...

  2. That's a pretty good list. Hope you find that purple!

    1. Me too! it's not easy to get purple but part of me finds joy in glaze testing.

    2. My fav is eggplant right now....bet that would be pretty on a yarn bowl :)

    3. oh yes, eggplant would be beautiful but I'm loving lavender too... I'm inspired now! Thanks Melissa!


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