Thursday, 22 November 2012

elving ~ part 2

the list is slowly getting shorter - but not by much...

  • chilli relish and chilli jams ~ tick!
  • Chilli vodka ~ tick!
  • Knitting ~ almost tick....
  • quilt one ~ tick!
  • everything else waiting patiently for attention....

I am stupidly proud of the bias binding I made for the quilts - yes I know, making bias binding is easy but this is my first and it's very pretty...

Also, stupidly I decided to cast on something yummy for myself (not on the list) which my brain tells me 'won't take long.' To be honest it's something I can knit whilst watching The Killing reading all those subtitles (if I don't keep up I haven't a hope of figuring out what's going on!) The pattern is the Lonely Tree Shawl by Softsweater (ravelry link) knit in Rowan Little Big Wool which I had in my stash... Honestly it's so awful out there that it's best to stay home and knit. It's raining and stormy again and the flooding around here is amazing (and not in a good way.)

Hope you are warm and dry wherever you are and Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US!


  1. The binding is gorgeous, good job! You've been very busy. I am starting to panic slightly that my two crochet xmas presents will not be done in time...stress, stress...I feel a few late nights coming on! x

  2. Oh, my...You are keeping yourself very busy emma...quite the undertaking you got there...I feel so inspired. Trying to keep warm here too hugs

  3. oh emma, you are really keeping busy...I am very inspired just reading all you do...hugs

  4. the binding is lovely and I've saved that pattern for January knitting :)

  5. That binding is so cheerful! And that yarn...yummy!


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