Tuesday, 27 November 2012

making happy

We are a house of poorly at the moment. Sad faced little people coughing, feeling miserable and wandering about, not feeling like doing much of anything. Can't go out because its still raining and lots of roads are impassable.

 So. Remembering that when I was a kid the best meals are the ones not at the table - picnics, eating on the stairs at family parties when the grown-ups grabbed all the chairs, sandwiches in tree houses - you know? (School packed lunches do not count, unless you're on a school trip.)  We made a den under the table with blanket walls and a oil cloth floor, cushions and lanterns. Funny how poorly little people have a bit more of an appetite when it's teamed with a little (non strenuous) adventure and a warm blanket.

Hopefully all the bugs are on the way out and the pale wan faces will be replaced by robust smiley ones soon.

Hope you are all well and dry wherever you are...


  1. That's such a lovely idea! And you are so right, the childhood meals eaten anywhere but at a table were the best, and the ones I remember mostly strongly. Dens are great. Hope your household gets well soon. x

  2. I hope they do too - the way it's going round here I'll be eating my meals under the table too!

  3. Oh! I hope they are all better soon! We used to build "forts" with blankets and sofa cushions when we were stuck indoors. Loads of fun!

  4. Hoping you and your beautiful family is on the mend now, Hugs to you emma xo


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