Tuesday, 23 July 2013

hello again...

You can tell it's summer... I've been outside and neglecting my blog. (sorry blog, but the sun was out and it's not been here for so long) I think someone worked out that in the UK we'd had 48 months of winter before the sun came back. It's been wonderful, I've almost been afraid to complain about the heat in case it decided to leave...

What have I been doing???
  • gardening
  • making
  • spinning
  • teaching
  • designing
  • breathing....


  1. It has been rather glorious hasn't it, until it got just too darn hot!

    I'd love to see the results of the spinning :)

    1. We've only just had some rain! When it got too hot we hid inside - there is something to be said for living in a old cottage with thick stone walls! I'll post spinning stuff soon. I feel the urge to bore people with my spinning and dyeing exploits! x

  2. Sounds lovely! I am anxiously awaiting fall so I can go back outside. It has been so hot here that going outside is impossible-unless you want a heatstroke.

    1. I bet it's hotter with you than over here. I think we made 30C / 86F which is far too hot for me. But I'm of nordic extraction so I'm happy with snow drifts! x

  3. Like you I love the heat. Even when it's a little too warm I still feel like I mustn't complain, the sun might go away and never return! Your summer activties sound delightful. x

  4. That photo is gorgeous! The colours and energy in it are spectacular. And I rather like your "Doing" list.



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