Wednesday, 11 September 2013

of apples and blackberries...

I've been resisting the idea of autumn, I needed reminding about what is beautiful about this time of year and I found it: in the orchard picking apples (my, so many apples!), in the fields as the hedgerows fade to yellow and brown, in the woods as the fungi appear and the acorns drop and the leaves turn.

Most of all I found it in the kitchen with the smell of blackberry and apple simmering on the stove... one sniff of blackberry and apple and it doesn't matter that the summer has passed, that the sun is weakening, that the evenings aren't as light as they were. A dollop of blackberry and apple on my morning porridge and all is well....  Hello Autumn, nice to see you again...


  1. That apple looks so delicious. I can't wait until the Farmer's Markets are full of fresh picked baskets. There is nothing better!

  2. This looks delicious. I'm stuck putting honey on my porridge ... the blackberries still aren't ripe here and I'm getting impatient.


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