Monday, 30 April 2012

off grid weekend

These recent storms have led to erratic electricity supplies hence the erratic blogging. Another storm is on its way and fortunately none of our immediate rivers are on flood warning (though 37 others in the county are.)

 An enforced day in led to crafting... Well, Jago mastering scissors and sprinkling confetti every where. No electricity for the hoover so why stress?

  Say 'hello' to Jessie's castle complete with Queen, moat and sharks... Yes, we are channeling Blue Peter c. 1980.

There was a little bit of time for sewing...

 ... and plenty of time for muffins toasted on the fire with melty butter and marmite. I could get used to this off grid lark...


  1. Hope everyone remains safe and sound and dry and that cabin fever doesn't drive you nuts!

  2. Off grid, brilliant! Although I think I would get fed up quite quickly. I heard the storms have been really bad in the south west - hope you are not flooded! x

  3. Not flooded here yet but nearly! Had to wrestle the buggy through floods on the way to school this morning... Hoping there's no more rain!

  4. It sounds like a lovely weekend - especially the marmite muffins!

  5. Hoping the rains have finally subsided emma and to see you back soon :-)


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